Moving Sucks

I’ll be moving from New Jersey to western to New York since my step-dad got a job in this little town up there. We have been up there a few times looking out houses, and compared to here its the middle of nowhere. We bought a house thats far bigger then our current house (and got it cheaper then we are selling our’s for). Now we just need to sell this house and start packing. Looks like I got a few exciting months ahead of me.

Addictive Game.

Try out this game. You gotta move the mouse to the otehr side without touching the walls. Level 3 is a pain so try and at least get past that.

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Star Wars:Empire of War Demo!

This game looks awesome. Can’t wait for the full version to come out.

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Awesome MS Paint Image

This image was made in MS Paint. This guy took over 500 hours making this. I would of given up over 500 seconds…

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Awesome Online Clock

Check out this awesome flash clock.

Click read more to see the clock.

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RIAA is Brainwashing Parents!

Check out this leaflet from the RIAA intended for parents. I think its funny as hell.

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