Time Itself May Be Slowing Down

Scientists have come up with the radical suggestion that the universe’s end may come not with a bang but a standstill – that time could be literally running out and could, one day, stop altogether

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World Trade Organization says piracy is ok in the Caribbean

The WTO has decided that the United States was wrong in preventing Antigua and Barbuda from operating their online gambling sites to the US while also allowing online betting on horse racing–a dual standard. The ruling will allow the two the right to pirate copyrighted US properties up to a value of $21 million in return.

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New Minimal Perfection

Episode 20 of Minimal Perfection is out. We talk about 2008 prediction, the new WordPress admin, and offsite backups.

Google-powered mobile phones to make a February debut?

Google’s Android has sprung to life. Prototype devices are circulating, software developers are experimenting with the SDK and PC-based Android emulator, and there are rumours of a show-stopping debut at February’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

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The perfect computer memory: quantum dots?

Flash storage is the component that makes low power electronics so flexible. Unlike RAM, flash memory will stay written for about 10 years without power. However, we pay for that convenience in access times, which are much slower than those for RAM.

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WordPress 2.4 Demo

I setup a demo of the new WordPress 2.4 admin. Its not perfect but you can get the idea of what it will look like. You can see the demo here.

WordPress 2.4 Admin Preview

When WordPress 2.4 comes out there will be a new admin theme. Here is a preview of what that will look like:

If you want to see more let me know.

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UPDATE: I setup a demo of the admin. You can see it at http://hyper123.net/wp_demo/

Piracy, Morals and The Need for Change

Morals are often defined by what the general public sees as right or wrong. Most people don’t feel that they’re doing wrong when they download an MP3 or share a movie, but in most countries they are actually breaking laws, laws which do not reflect what the general public considers to be legal, fair use, or even moral.

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Linux Is Not Y2K(38) Compliant!?

All 32 bit Unix and Linux systems will come to a halt on January 19, 2038 at 3:14:07. This is due to the fact that *nix systems keep track of time in a four byte integer corresponding to the number of seconds after January 1, 1970 12:00:00. The maximum value of a four byte integer is 2,146,483,547 which is equivalent of January 19, 2038 at 3:14:07

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Mozilla Announces Weave

This project will be known as Weave and it will focus on finding ways to enhance the Firefox user experience, increase user control over personal information, and provide new opportunities for developers to build innovative online experiences.

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