Adobe CS4 Betas Start

The betas for Dreamweaver CS4, Soundbooth CS4, and Fireworks CS4 are now out. CS4 will better integrate the programs Adobe acquired from Macromedia into the rest of the Creative Suite. Soundbooth also now supports multi-track aditing. Head on over and try out Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, and Fireworks.

WordPress 2.6 to support Google Gears

WordPress 2.6 SVN has a new feature called Speed Up! It will use Google Gears to to locally cache images, scripts and stylesheets to speed up load times. I hope by final it will support using the admin fully offline since using a plugin just to cache some images and scripts doesn’t really seem worth it.

Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit

I think this is a really interesting article. It’s about how Zappos will offer to pay employees $1000 extra to quit after a week to see if they are truly dedicated. I think more companies should look into this, especially for employees that deal directly with customers.

Source: Harvard Business Publishing


A new kind of attack called phlashing could one be a real issue. Phlashing is when a device is remotely flashed to either run a firmware with a backdoor, or even a corrupt firmware that can render a device useless. It will be interesting to see what methods will be used to combat this.

Source: Engadget