Jack Thompson challenged by Brian Crecente

Jack Thompson twisted the recent NIU tradgedy to promote himself… unfortunately for him though we’re not all gullible idiots. Read this to see why he’s a douche and always will be.

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Ender’s Game Now A Reality

A video game based on the Battle Room in Ender’s game is on the way. As a fan of the Ender’s Game series I can really looking forward to this and I hope they don’t mess it up.

Source:Gaming Today

Top 100 Mods of 2007

After 40,000 votes the players choice top indie games and mods are on show and ready to be played

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Over $1800 In Video Cards To Run Crysis On Very High

1200W power supply as well.

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New Halo3 Map Pack ‘Heroic’ Released

The Heroic map pack contains three new maps, each presenting a totally different play style. Standoff, Rat’s Nest and Foundry– all for 800 MS Points.

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Halo 3 “Heroic Map Pack” available on Dec. 11

December 11th, three maps, 800 MS Points ($10). The maps become free in Spring 2008.

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Halo 3 Heat Maps Now Available For All Levels at Bungie.Net

Really cool function to see where (NOT) to go while playing Halo 3. “Is carnage splattering the walls of Valhalla’s hot gates? Should you be adding camping stools into the top of Construct via Forge? Our stats radar is tracking every kill and death in Halo 3. The darker the red, the more frequent the carnage.”

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Xbox 360 to get downloadable original XBOX games

Next month, you’ll be able to download original Xbox games to play on your Xbox 360, including Halo.

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Halo Movie Back In Pre-Production

Word from Peter Jackson’s representative says that Microsoft is in talks with several potential partners to continue work on the Halo film. Pre-production has already started back up through Weta Digital and Weta Workshop in New Zeland.

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Microsoft Blames Hollywood for Record Sales of Halo 3

“We thought we’d get some good sales, but nothing like this,” said Microsoft executive Bob Frederickson. “But with escalating ticket prices and the crappy movies Hollywood has been putting out. People are just hungry for entertainment.”

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