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Boston Police Forced to Blow Up Suspicious Looking Man

Boston, MA – There were more tense moments today after Boston Police were forced to blow up a suspicious looking man near a lamp post. An alert city worker called in the man after noticing that he had been leaning against the lamp post for more than ten minutes. Police later learned the man, Evan Johnson, was just waiting for his girlfriend. LAWL.

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How To Survive a Horror Movie

When it appears you have killed the monster, NEVER check to see if it’s really dead… The first woman to either lose or remove her clothing is dead meat… Never back out of one room into another without looking. It’s always behind you… Never run into a deserted graveyard at night… Never listen to strange voices on the telephone…

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Awesome photo of the USS Iowa firing its guns.

An amazing picture of the USS Iowa firing its guns.

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50 Things We Know Now, That We Didn’t Know In 2005

A list of 50 things that we didn’t know in 2005.

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Google circa 1960

What would Google have looked like if it existed in the 1960’s? This image is good step in that direction.

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Incredible Original Photos Of The Aftermath Of The Pearl Harbor Attack

The person who sent these received them from an old shipmate on the USS Quapaw ATF-110. Interesting as he’s never seen them anywhere else. These pictures are just amazing.

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12 Foot Gator Attacks Naked Man On Crack in Florida

A 45-year-old man was hospitalized after four sheriff’s deputies rescued him from the jaws of a nearly 12-foot alligator Wednesday, while he was naked and high on crack cocaine. Adrian J. Apgar was taken to the hospital in critical condition with an apparent broken right arm, leg injuries and his left arm hanging by a tendon.

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19 Things You Didn’t Know About Death

9. If someone plans to jump off Mount Everest to commit suicide, you
’ll need a lot of patience. It takes the average person 2.5 minutes to hit bottom. And we don’t want to know who timed it.

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