SideStream Media Site Enters Beta

FinalWe just opened the SideStream Media site as a public beta. The new site is built on WordPress MU which allows us to easily have a lot of sub sites under one install and login. I know this isn’t what it was built for but it does the job perfectly. The Podcast site is based off a theme called Options by Justin Tadlock and the Blog is based on Prologue by Automattic. We are still working on the WordPress sections which will be for WordPress theme development. So far the only known bug is an issue with the top site wide nav on the podcasts page not working in IE7 and FireFox 2 but that should be worked out soon. Check out the site and let us know what you think.

Minimal Perfection #21: Watermilking

Check out the new episode of Minimal Perfection: Minimal Perfection #21: Watermilking.

New Minimal Perfection

Episode 20 of Minimal Perfection is out. We talk about 2008 prediction, the new WordPress admin, and offsite backups.

Minimal Perfection 13

Head on over to Minimal Perfection and check out the latest podcast.

New Minimal Perfection

I know, we released 2 weeks in a row on the same weekday. The end must be near. We hope to release every Sunday from now on. Anyway go check out the newest Minimal Perfection. Also next week should be a special episode ^_^. We have notes and guests for it already. We are never this prepared -_-.

Minimal Perfection 11 is out

Minimal Perfection 11 is out. Head on over to Minimal Perfection and check it out. We should be releasing every week from now on unless something happens.

New podcast is out.

We finally got to episode 10 of Minimal Perfection. It took us longer then we expected but hope to start releasing more often. Head on over to Minimal Perfection and check it out.

Proxy Issues

I recently had to take down my proxy due to a TOS violation and the the fact that it was consuming a large amount of resources on the server.  I’m sure the several million hits didn’t help either. I am currently working on a solution to this issue.

The Daylight Savings change: no savings, no point

Early results are in, and moving Daylight Savings Time up three weeks appears to have produced no measurable power savings. Lots of headaches for techies and systems administrators, though.

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Early U.S. Daylight Savings a bust in power savings

Early U.S. Daylight Savings a bust in power savings

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