Possible Future of WordPress admin

There is a project called Crazyhorse the might be the new admin for WordPress starting at version 2.7. I’ll put up 3 screenshots and if anyone would like to me make a demo of the this let me know. Also please keep in mind this is still early in development and a lot of the functions do not even work yet. That’s something I should of said with the 2.4/2.5 admin demo.

Adobe CS4 Betas Start

The betas for Dreamweaver CS4, Soundbooth CS4, and Fireworks CS4 are now out. CS4 will better integrate the programs Adobe acquired from Macromedia into the rest of the Creative Suite. Soundbooth also now supports multi-track aditing. Head on over and try out Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, and Fireworks.

WordPress 2.6 to support Google Gears

WordPress 2.6 SVN has a new feature called Speed Up! It will use Google Gears to to locally cache images, scripts and stylesheets to speed up load times. I hope by final it will support using the admin fully offline since using a plugin just to cache some images and scripts doesn’t really seem worth it.


A new kind of attack called phlashing could one be a real issue. Phlashing is when a device is remotely flashed to either run a firmware with a backdoor, or even a corrupt firmware that can render a device useless. It will be interesting to see what methods will be used to combat this.

Source: Engadget

Super Mario in 14kb Javascript

FTA “Here’s an experiment in keepings things small and confined to one Javascript file.”

Gotta love it especially considering that making anything in Java “small” and “lightweight” are extreme tasks.

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For SideStream Media, we will be dealing with vidcasts along with podcast. This creates an interesting new challenge since vidcasts come in such a large variety of format and codecs, while the majority of podcasts come in just mp3 and maybe offer an enhanced aac feed as well. Usually I will just edit the podcasts in a variety of programs and then encode it in iTunes. The benefit of this is that it will make the file name nice and add good ID3 tags. But iTunes doesn’t work as well for videos. When I import audio files it will change the names and put them in organized folders for you, but with video it just dumps everything in 1 folder and doesn’t rename then, even when you change the ID3 tags with iTunes. So what I am asking is, does anyone know of a good program that support multiple codecs ( at least h.264 ) and will allow me to add ID3 tags and rename files to be user friendly?

Sony BMG Busted for Using Warez

It looks like Sony BMG wants to kill all piracy, except for when they do it. After Sony tried to call PointDev, a company that makes administration software for windows, Sony BMG gave them a pirate license. This prompted PointDev to to mandate a seizure of Sony BMG servers which showed 4 servers containing pirated PointDev software. PointDev also claims that up to 47% of software on Sony BMG computers could be pirated. I wonder if Sony will find a way out of this are have to pay up.

Source: Arstechnica

FCC redefines broadband

The FCC has finally redefined broadband to increase the minimum speeds to 768 Kbps. While this is still slow it is at least a start to push more companies to increase speeds.

Source: Engadget

Updated Admin Demo

I just updated the WordPress 2.5 demo to the newest version and you can see it it much farther along than the last demo. Go check it out.

Microsoft, Google, Verisign and IBM Join OpenID

openidlogo.jpgMicrosoft, Google, Verisign and IBM have joined OpenID. I think this will finally make OpenID a reality. All the site I run support OpenID through plugins and I think you will soon see CMS’s supporting OpenID natively.

Source: Techcrunch