Screenshot Tour: How to crack a Windows password with Ophcrack Live CD

Extremely impressed at the ease and speed with which the Ophcrack Live CD cracks windows passwords.

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The Fastest Windows Password Cracker

Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method.

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How Microsoft fights off 100,000 attacks per month…

Microsoft may be the biggest target out there for hackers. Here’s what the company does to protect itself from the continuous onslaught of probes and intrusion attempts.

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Tutorial: All You Ever Wanted to Know About PW Cracking and Rainbow Tables

Security mentor, Chris Gates, completely rewrote his popular article on cracking Windows PWs. Starting with the basics and continuing all the way through the process of exactly how to do it, this impressive article has to be one of the definitive works on password cracking.

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New Windows Attack Can Kill Firewall

The code, which was posted on the Internet early Sunday morning, could be used to disable the Windows Firewall on a fully patched Windows XP PC that was running Windows’ Internet Connection Service (ICS).

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The most sophisticated Trojan

Botnet software installs its own anti-virus engine. Security experts have discovered new spambot software that installs its own anti-virus scanner to eliminate competition, alongside a number of other sophisticated features.

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USB Hacksaw released, Steal documents in seconds with a U3 usb key!

The USB Hacksaw is an evolution of the popular USB Switchblade that will automatically infect Windows PCs with a payload that will retrieve documents from USB drives plugged into the target machine and securely transmit them to an email account.
PoC shows how to deliver the payload instantly with a U3 autorun hack borrowed from the Switchblade

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Study Shows Internet to Be Resilient Against Terror Attack

Researchers have simulated what would happen to Internet reliability in the United States if terrorists were able to knock out various physical components of the network. The good news is that it would be very difficult to cause major disruptions across the country, although destruction of some key parts could seriously degrade Internet quality.

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How to Hack your iPod

This guide from PC Magazine teaches you about installing a second operating system on your iPod.

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Analyzing 20,000 MySpace Passwords

“In a day where browsers are coming out with anti-phishing tactics, I can’t believe how many people still fall for phishing. It’s all over the news, and most email clients display warnings. So when I got an email from “[email protected]” I kind of chuckled.”

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