Film Execs Blame Halo 3 for Poor Movie Ticket Sales

Movie ticket sales for October are already being recorded as some of the lowest in recent years. And who’s to blame according to the film industry? Why, Master Chief of course. Several film executives and researchers are convinced that many movie-goers stayed home playing the game instead of venturing out to the theater.

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AT&T willing to spy for NSA, MPAA, and RIAA

In a move that has executives from movie studios and record labels grinning from ear to ear, AT&T has announced that it will develop and deploy technology that will attempt to keep pirated content off its network.

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MPAA Tries to Trick Users into Downloading Movies Illegally

New video download site busts you for illegally downloading video content as well as offers the ability to download video content using a custom client which also scans a users PC to see if the user has already downloaded copyrighted files.

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MPAA Lies About Movie Piracy!

The Piracy Nazis have been lying in their quest to strong-arm foreign countries into adopting their short-sighted anti-piracy laws. But they have finally been caught. They claim Canada is supposedly responsible for 70% of all world piracy, while recently they claimed that New York is responsible for 40% of world piracy; something doesn’t add up.

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79% of Americans would rather download movies illegally

US consumers are still downloading movies illegally despite the growing availability of subscription based movie download services according to a study conducted by Advanis Inc. “The industry can respond to this stubborn core of piracy in one of two ways: “It can spend its time and resources pursuing pirates, and…”

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MPAA Steals Code, Violates Linkware License

A blogger who wrote his own blogging engine called Forest Blog recently noticed that none other than the MPAA was using his work, and had completely violated his linkware license by removing all links back to the Forest Blog site, and had not credited him in any way.

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MPAA Is Helping Their Users Pirate Movies!

MPAA tells readers of their website what clients to use to pirate software and movies. They also tell you the advantages of pirated movies. They include no DRM, no region locking, they are cheaper, and come out before the actual release. Thanks for the tips!

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MPAA Lobbying for Home Theater Regulations

The MPAA is lobbying congress to push through a new bill that would make unauthorized home theaters illegal. The group feels that all theaters should be sanctioned, whether they be commercial settings or at home.

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MPAA: Piracy is the outcome of DRM complications

Last week at the Digital Home Developers Conference Brad Hunt, the MPAA’s executive vice president and chief technology officer said that piracy is the inevitable outcome of the music and movie industries’ inability to provide a simple, inter-compatible and non-intrusive DRM solution.

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‘Wag the Dog': MPAA Embarassment Over Pirated DVD Sniffing Labradors

The Motion Picture Association of America will stop at nothing to prevent the international trafficking of pirated movies. The film industry lobby is enlisting the help of two Labradors, Lucky and Flo, that have been trained to smell chemicals found in DVDs. The problem: Pirated DVDs smell just like regular ones!

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