Stop Downloading Fakes and Junk From BitTorrent

Many experienced file-sharers can’t understand why relative novices manage to download so much junk from BitTorrent. Fake downloads that never finish, video files which refuse to play, movies that require special players and unwatchable video are easily avoided. But how do they do it?

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RIAA tells Universities to stop P2P downloads or “lose all federal funding”

The new Higher Education Bill (HEA §494) requires that the Universities stop all P2P downloads that RIAA doesn’t like AND buy Napster or Rhapsody subscriptions for every student on the campus or lose all federal financial aid.

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The Pirate Bay Sees a Future Without BitTorrent

The guys from The Pirate Bay are always working on interesting side-projects, but there is one in particular that’s so significant, it might be the future of filesharing. For a while now, they have been working on a brand new protocol – which may come to replace BitTorrent in the near future.

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Comcast Blocking extends past Torrents.

In the wake of several reports showing that Comcast is targeting BitTorrent traffic with forged TCP reset packets, new evidence demonstrates that Comcast is targeting Gnutella and Lotus Notes, too. Wait… Lotus Notes?

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Do P2P Blocklists Keep you Safe?

Recent findings by researchers from the University of California, Riverside, show that 15% of the IPs people connect to on the Gnutella P2P network are blocked by blocklist applications such as PeerGuardian. Statistics like this do not prove anything about the effectiveness of these lists, however, according to an insider…

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University of Nebraska Will Bill RIAA $11 For Each Threatening Letter

Basically the RIAA wants all of the colleges to do their dirty work, saving them money and giving them more time to just find the ‘general area’ where these music pirates may be. Nebraska realizes the follies in this attempt and tries to get the RIAA to at least reimburse them, as the search was conducted with tax payers dollars…..

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U of Nebraska to RIAA: here’s a bill for the time you’re wasting

The University of Nebraska is so pissed off with the RIAA’s outrageous requests to help rat out students who file-share that it has sent the RIAA a bill for the time the University has wasted dealing with the RIAA’s demands.

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79% of Americans would rather download movies illegally

US consumers are still downloading movies illegally despite the growing availability of subscription based movie download services according to a study conducted by Advanis Inc. “The industry can respond to this stubborn core of piracy in one of two ways: “It can spend its time and resources pursuing pirates, and…”

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Record Labels Don’t Want To Answer Questions About Their Own Use Of p2p

“Lawyer Ray Beckerman (famous for defending plenty of people accused of file sharing) got the court to ask the record labels in the case to explain how employees at the labels actually used peer-to-peer file sharing apps in sending songs to radio stations.”

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ISPs fight against encrypted BitTorrent downloads

BitTorrent clients such as Azureus added a feature that encrypted torrent traffic to try and get around ISP roadblocks. Now, a company called Allot Communications is claiming that their new hardware product, the NetEnforcer, is the first device that will seek out and throttle encrypted BitTorrent traffic.

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