RIAA Wants to Cut Royalties

The RIAA wants to cut artist’s royalties from 13% down to 9%. Apple is pushing for the royalties to be dropped down to 4%. Is this the RIAA response to piracy? Do they plan to make up the money by giving less to the artists?

Source: Gizmodo

RIAA Website Wiped Clean by “Hackers”

Apparently the RIAA is so busy suing consumers that they forgot to hire a decent programmer. With a simple SQL injection, all their propaganda has been successfully wiped from the site.

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The RIAA speaks — and it gets worse

The RIAA has quickly become one of the most disliked organizations in the world. And now, they’ll be liked even less.

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RIAA writes its own “news” for local TV stations

The RIAA is allegedly pushing out a video news release this holiday that warns of the dangers of piracy… and encourages ringtone and iTunes purchases. Some stations are already airing it.

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RIAA tells Universities to stop P2P downloads or “lose all federal funding”

The new Higher Education Bill (HEA §494) requires that the Universities stop all P2P downloads that RIAA doesn’t like AND buy Napster or Rhapsody subscriptions for every student on the campus or lose all federal financial aid.

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RIAA: Pay as we say, not as we do

Despite the judge’s ruling, laid down a month ago, Deborah Foster, who is waiting to receive $68,585.23 for attorney fees and costs, has yet heard back from the inglorious RIAA, much less received any money.

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AT&T willing to spy for NSA, MPAA, and RIAA

In a move that has executives from movie studios and record labels grinning from ear to ear, AT&T has announced that it will develop and deploy technology that will attempt to keep pirated content off its network.

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Dawn of RARA – RIAA and DRM – fatal injury

With Vista sales completely lagging, and Steve Jobs being nice, and Google trying not to be as evil, it looks like something the RIAA is losing supporters faster than Alberto Gonzales.

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RIAA Lawsuit Matrix

How the RIAA decides what do to.

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University of Nebraska Will Bill RIAA $11 For Each Threatening Letter

Basically the RIAA wants all of the colleges to do their dirty work, saving them money and giving them more time to just find the ‘general area’ where these music pirates may be. Nebraska realizes the follies in this attempt and tries to get the RIAA to at least reimburse them, as the search was conducted with tax payers dollars…..

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