Sony BMG Busted for Using Warez

It looks like Sony BMG wants to kill all piracy, except for when they do it. After Sony tried to call PointDev, a company that makes administration software for windows, Sony BMG gave them a pirate license. This prompted PointDev to to mandate a seizure of Sony BMG servers which showed 4 servers containing pirated PointDev software. PointDev also claims that up to 47% of software on Sony BMG computers could be pirated. I wonder if Sony will find a way out of this are have to pay up.

Source: Arstechnica

Sony BMG Lets the Music Play

The last of the major labels finally throws in the towel on DRM, and prepares to fight Apple for valuable download revenues

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Sony is having a sweepstakes…Grand prize: an Xbox 360!

Sony BMG Music Entertainment is giving away in Xbox 360 in a promotion for Jessica Simpson’s new CD. I guess PS3s are going to be in such short supply, not even Sony can get one.

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