Windows designed to play classical music when the computer is broken

It’s true, you’ve got problems in Windows and classical music plays. It’s not a joke, it’s supposed to happen!

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Judge Rules that 16 year old Spammer Must Stay in His Room

Yesterday the ‘Boy Spammer’ David Lennon, who was 16 when he electronically snubbed his former bosses, has been told by a judge that as punishment for his crimes he can’t leave his house between the hours of 12.30am and 7am on weekdays, and between 12.30am and 10am on weekends, for two months.

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Pac-Man is 62% violent O.o

The U.S. Senate recently heard testimony on violent video games from Dr. Thompson, a Harvard researcher that claims PacMan is 62% violent, and that saying “push it to the limit” is sexual. Her research is amazingly out-of-touch with reality. Some of the other games: Mario (41.3%), Zelda (68.4%) Dig Dug (67%) Ms. Pac-Man (54.3%) Q*bert (33.5%) and Centipede (92.6%). The way they determine how violent a game is is by measuring the duration a player engages in violent behavior over a 90 minute period. Who ever thinks Pac-Man is violent clearly has some issues.

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